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Inside Out Garden Collection

If you think outdoor art is limited to the familiar stone, metal, and wood constructions used for years, the Inside Out Garden Collection will challenge your assumptions about contemporary garden design. Focusing on the innovative work of LP Studios this work reveals exciting technology enabling a rethinking of the possibilities for outdoor art.

Russell Phillips, a photographer who has been developing new ways to bring art into the built and natural environment, has collaborated with Andrew Lidgus, a nationally known artist who works in mixed media, to found LP Studios. Their work can be found in museums, private and corporate collections and exhibited in public spaces.

An original work of art from LP Studios will enhance gardens with a level of complexity as well as intensity of color and architectural interest. A totem may feature photographs of gigantic butterflies alighting in one garden, while another work captures a complex and colorful abstract design on treated canvas for installation on an outside wall. These signed original and limited edition works are suitable for interior display as well.

After years of research and thought, we are excited to unveil a unique process to bring fine art to the outside environment. These pieces are designed to withstand extreme outdoor conditions, constructed out of a PVC material, eliminating rotting and warping. All images are coated with a moisture and UV protectant. This unique medium brings innovative color, subject matter and technique to the garden.

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